FAQ’S updated 2/28/24

Where are the NESC tracks?

They are all over New England, from Maine to Connecticut. Click on a track's name to get directions.
Central Cycle Club Central Village, CT
MX207 Lyman, ME
Crow Hill Baldwinville, MA
Winchester Speedpark Winchester, NH
New Hampshire MX East Lempster, NH
The Wick 338 Southwick, MA
508 International, Charlton, MA

Can I race as a one-day rider and if so how much does it cost?

Yes you can, the cost is only $20. per day and that includes the rental of a transponder. ($10 if you own a MyLaps transponder). You will need to leave a $300 cash deposit or a valid credit card and driver’s license for the transponder which will be returned to you when you bring back the rental unit at the end of the day.

How much does it cost to race?

It is $40 per class for the first two classes and $20 for each additional class for Youth, Novice, Amateur, Expert and Vet riders.

What time do the races start?

In order to get all the motos in before dark the races will start as early as possible, sometimes as early as 10:00 AM. If you're racing, get to the track early enough to sign-up and get ready for practice which starts right after signup closes.

Sign-up time 7-8:45AM at all tracks.
Rider's meeting 8:45AM practice at 9:00AM

Is the NESC season still split into two series?

Yes, the NESC season is still split into a Spring and Fall series to give racers a chance at running a championship series without having to race every weekend all season long.

I've never raced before, what should I do when I get to the track?

First find a parking spot, don't just stop your truck by the sign-up building.

Check out the Newsletter to see the day’s race order and order of practice.

If you don't have an NESC membership, and want to join, go to see NESC first. If you want to fill out a membership application to bring to the track, click here.

After you get your NESC number, or if you are already a member, go to the NESC Membership Kiosk where you will enter you ID# and sign up for your classes, one at a time. There will be signs above the kiosks so be sure to check that you are in the correct line. Once complete go to the track sign-up to sign your release and pay for your classes, be sure to wear your arm band for proof of admission.

At this point you'll be all checked in, at the first few races this may take a while due to the large number of new riders but after a couple races the process speeds up.

If you are a one-day rider and have raced with NESC before, you can go directly to the One-Day Kiosk, enter the last number you raced with at NESC and select your name from the dropdown list. Then you can continue to sign in for your classes, one at a time and when finished go to track sign-up to sign your release and pay for your classes. Be sure to wear your armband for proof of admission.

If you are a one-day rider and have not raced with us before, please fill out the one-day rider form and bring it to track sign-up to sign the release and pay for your classes. Please print clearly.

Get ready for practice and don't miss the rider's meeting. Follow other riders to the starting area and be sure to practice with the right class, check the NESC newsletter for the order of practice and the order of events. Practice tickets are given may be given to each rider at sign-up. One practice only per our rules.

What color number plates do I need?

The Number Plate Colors are:
50cc and 65cc riders: Black background White numbers (All riders)
85cc 9-11 riders: Black background White numbers (All riders)
85cc 12-15 riders: White background Black numbers (All riders)
Novice and Youth “C” riders: Black background White numbers
Amateurs, Youth “A&B ”riders: Yellow background Black numbers
Vet “B” and Vet ‘’Adv’’ riders: Yellow background Black numbers
Pro/Expert and Vet “A” riders: White Background Black numbers
Females: Colors based on their classification or Blue backgrounds white numbers.

Does NESC allow pit riding?

NESC allows pit riding by registered riders/mechanics only in designated areas to and from their practice or motos. First gear, walking speed only, helmets strapped, and no passengers are allowed.

Some tracks allow bicycles or other vehicles to be ridden designated areas only, but it is up to each rider to check with the track to see if they allow it or face consequences.

Most tracks will issue special handicapped passes for those that need them.

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