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Riders joining before you have a transponder

Riders joining NESC at the tracks without Mylaps transponders. Cards will not be issued until we receive you transponder number. Members mailing in forms for renewal should have their Mylaps transponder # on them before they are mailed.


One Day Riders?

Yes you can enter an NESC race as a one day rider, the cost is only 30. for the one day membership (20. if you own a MyLaps transponder) and that includes the rental of a transponder. You will need to leave a $ deposit (sorry no credit cards) for the transponder which will be returned to you when you bring back the rental unit at the end of the day.
The first class entry is 40. the second is 30. and the third only 15.


Charge your transponder!

The Mylaps transponders are designed to go dead in 4 days, make sure they are charged before race day. Do not charge them for more than 24 hours and charge them towards the end of the week.

1. Charge your transponder overnight 2-4 days before the race. Unplug the cradle after the transponder light is solid green then leave the transponder in the cradle until race day.
2. It will take up to 16 hours to charge a battery that is fully depleted.
3. The transponder light will turn solid green when it is fully charged.
4. A fully charged transponder will transmit a signal for 4 days continuously.
5. The blinking green light on the transponder represents the amount of charge on your battery. (Fully charged, the light will blink green 4 times, this means it will work for the next 4 days. 3 blinks = 3 days, 2 blinks = 2 days, 1 blink = 1 day, 1 RED blink means your battery will die that day.)

Other things to point out.

1. A single charge will NOT work for two events that are a week apart.
2. A 2 or 3 hour charge will not be enough to get you through a day of racing.

Download this FLEX MANAGER diagnostic software to see the exact amount of battery life if you have a FLEX transponder (bottom of transponder is white). After downloading and installing the software, run it then connect the transponder to the PC via the USB cable provided.